In the period of November 26th to December 1st, the Green Economy Programme organised a Study Tour to Germany related to the topic of “Circular Economy” and best practices for its implementation, particularly experiences gained in the Federal State of Baden-Württemberg. Among the participants were the representatives of Volyn Regional State Administration and Regional Council, involved in sustainable development policy of the region, Volyn Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and the State Agency for Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving of Ukraine.
In contrast to the traditional economy, the circular model allows the creation of new business models that contribute to the protection of environment by reducing the amount of raw materials used and contributing to their reuse. The key idea is to reinvent the consumption pattern from “take, use and throw away” to the model, when the products are manufactured and used in such a way that their materials and components may be used repeatedly.
During the meeting with the representatives of the Ministry of Economy, Labor and Housing of Baden-Württemberg in Stuttgart the Ukrainian delegation presented the Volyn region and outlined the most interesting sectors for investment.
The delegation also visited the leading enterprises of the region involved in the collection, sorting and processing of garbage, such as the Waste Treatment Plant Kahlenberg, Korn Recycling Plant in Albstadt, BKF Biogas and Compost Plant Freiburg Reterra and Recycling Plant St. Gabriel in Freiburg.
During and after the meetings, various cooperation models between Ukraine and Baden-Württemberg were discussed. Members of the delegation returned with a substantial knowledge about advantages of the circular economy and the potential for foreign investments in this field.


Study Tour to Germany related to Circular Economy