About Dnipropetrovsk Regional Organization of Employers (DROE)

In accordance with the Law of Ukraine as of May, 24, 2001 No. 2436-III “On Employer Organizations”, the Dnipropetrovsk Regional Organization of Employers (DROE) was established in the region.

Organization’s Founders:

  • State Enterprise “Production Association Yuzny Machine-Building Plant named after O.M. Makarov”;
  • OJSC “Dnipropetrovs’k paint and coatings plant”;
  • OJSC “Dnipropetrovsk oil-extraction plant”;
  • OJSC “Nikopol Ferroalloy Plant”;
  • SJSHC “Dniprovsky Machine-Building Plant”;
  • OJSC “DniproAzot” and various commercial structures and enterprises of the region.

There have been established several territorial organizations in the cities and districts of the region, as well as sectoral (leading industries and services), including the Dnipropetrovsk Regional Organization of Employers, united into the Federation of Employers’ Organizations of Dnipropetrovsk Region. This regional association includes more than 175 enterprises with 297844 workers.

In accordance with the above-mentioned Law of Ukraine, the main objectives of DROE are:

– ensuring full representation in the tripartite agreement between Regional State Administration, Regional Council of trade unions and Dnipropetrovsk regional organization of employers on the principles of equality and parity of the parties, constructive dialogue, respect, mutual information, taking into account the interests of the parties, observance and responsibility of the decisions, which were made;

– protection of legitimate interests and rights of employers in relations with state authorities, local self-government bodies and trade unions in the economic, social, labor and other spheres

– promotion of the maximum observance of employers’ interests in the resolution of collective labor disputes (conflicts);

– ensuring coordination of actions in the implementation of scientific, technical and social programs aimed at increasing volumes of goods production, works and services, increasing their competitiveness;

– cooperation development with foreign and international organizations of employers and their associations;

– participation in the formation and implementation of socio-economic policies in the region, sectoral programs, collective bargaining, signing of regional and sectoral agreements, including in the relations with other parties of social partnership of the appropriate level. The forms of social partnership

implementation are consultations, negotiations, information exchange, and application of conciliation procedures and seek compromise solutions.

The Regional Organization of Employers annually participates in the development and signing of a Tripartite Agreement between State Administration, Federation of Trade Unions and Employers of the region. Therefore, it is extremely important that each of the Parties, fulfilling their functions, which are determined by the laws of Ukraine and their own charters have the common goal – to improve the socio-economic situation in the region, and would have less controversy in achieving these goals.