of Green economy Club of enterprises-leaders

1.1. GREEN ECONOMY CLUB OF ENTERPRISES-LEADERS hereinafter to be referred to as Club, carries out its activity in accordance with the current international legislation and legislation of Ukraine, is non-profit voluntary association of individuals and organizations, which are united on the basis of common interests for the realization of the purposes specified by this Statute.
1.2. Full name of the Club:
– Ukrainian language – Клуб підприємств-лідерів зеленої економіки;
– English language – Green economy Club of enterprises-leaders;
– Russian language – Клуб предприятий-лидеров зеленой экономики.
1.3. The Club is created within the framework of the “Green Solutions – Sustainable Future” project, which is provided by non-governmental organization „Dnipropetrovsk regional organization of Employers”.
1.4. The activity of the club will be coordinated by Dnipropetrovsk regional organization of Employers.
1.5. The club can, if it necessary, acquire the rights of a legal entity, it has its own name. The term of its activity is unlimited.
1.6. The club has complete independence in issues of management’s forms, decision formulations and other actions that are not contradicting the legislation in force and this Statute.
1.7. Club has a right to open own branches and representational offices in different cities of Ukraine and outside its territory.

2. Main goals:
– popularization of sustainable green development ideas on the basis of „green economy” among the business people of Dnipropetrovsk region.
– ensuring the ecological safety of society and the rights of the individual for favorable environment;
– informing the public about the achievements of the project participants, promoting their civil activity and influencing on decision-making by local authorities;
– strengthening the capacity of civil society activists for their more effective work, including cooperation with local authorities for supporting the growth of confidence;
– improving the conditions for realization of „green start-up” projects;
– experience exchange and building of interaction between enterprises, that is causes choice of „green” and „not green” types of economic activities, that is gives an opportunity to “not green” learn from examples of „green” and to facilitate the process of conversation to energy-efficient, resource-friendly and ecologically safe management;
2.2. To achieve the goals, club carries out the following activities:
– facilitates in solving issues of green economic development with the help of analysis, that is based on studying of documentary basis as well as on direct involvement the „business” society to dialogue;
– holds meetings, seminars and consultations for Club participants and invited persons;
– organizes and holds scientific, educational, cultural events for Club participants and interested persons;
– creates and/or supports structures, that promote achievement of Club’s goals and spread its ideas;
– consolidates the efforts of non-profit organizations, business, media, politicians and government officials in solving ecosocial problems;
– extends international business communication, develops partnerships between Club participants and partners of the Club.

3.1. The Club member may be any private person or organization, who are accepted current statute and who has a desire to help in achievement purposes and tasks of the Club in accordance to their status. The membership in the Club is free of charge.
3.2. There are such kinds of memberships in the Club:
– Club coordinator;
– Club expert;
– constant member of the Club;
– collective member of the Club.

3.3. The Club coordinator – the head of “Dnipropetrovsk regional organization of Employers”. He has the right to vote at the General meetings of the Club.

3.4. The Club expert – the head of leading enterprise, private company, investor in the sphere of „green technologies” and innovations, who is actively taking part in the current work and event preparations of the Club. The Club expert is elected in accordance with recommendations of five constant members and accepted by Club coordinator. Club expert has the right to vote at the General meetings of the Club.

3.5. The Constant member of the Club – head of the enterprise, representative of scientific and/or technical institution, economist, and is working at environmental issues or innovative energy- and resource-saving technologies, who is ready to take part in Club events. Constant member is elected in accordance with recommendation of 1 Club expert or 2 Constant members and accepted by the Club coordinator. The Constant member has the right to vote at the General meetings of the Club.

3.6. The collective member of the Club – profit or non-profit organization, association, unification, fund, club or another structure, that is interested in the Club’s ideas realization. It becomes a company-partner on favorable terms. The representative of the company gets the status of Constant member of the Club free of charge and has the right to vote at the General meetings of the Club.

3.7. The Club members have the rights:
– to take part in the Club sessions;
– to introduce the candidates on the governing bodies of the Club;
– to elect and be elected to the governing bodies of the Club;
– to discuss issues of practical activities at the General meetings of the Club;
– to make propositions on how to improve the practical activity of the Club;
– to receive the information from the governing bodies of the Club about Club’s activity.

3.8. Obligations of the Club members:
– to act in accordance with current Statute provisions;
– to carry out the decisions of the General meetings of the Club;
– to meet the commitments of the Club that are connected with participation in its activity;
– to support the realization of Club’s goals and objectives.
3.9. Any member of the Club has the right of voluntary withdraw from the Club, both with explanation and without explaining the motives of withdrawal. In such case member has to send corresponding notification to the Club Coordinator. The membership is terminated when the Coordinator receives this notification.
3.10. The club member may be excluded from the Club in case if his professional or public activity damages the reputation and authority of the Club or it goes against the statutory objectives of the Club. The decision on exclusion from the Club members is adopted by the Club coordinator.
3.11. The outgoing member of the Club doesn’t have any material obligations to the Club, whatever the reasons of leaving the Club.

4.1. The governing bodies of the Club are:
– General meetings of the Club;
– Club coordinator;
– Administrative office
4.2. The highest governing body of the Club is General meetings of the Club.
4.3. The General meetings are held at least once a year.
4.4. To the sole competence are related the following items:
– determination of the main branches of Club’s activity, approval of the plans and their completion reports;
– approval of Club’s Statute and its formal revision, introduction of amendments and additions.
– decision-making on Club’s reorganization or termination of its activity. The decisions on formal revision of Statute are made by qualified majority of the votes (two-thirds) of General meetings.
4.5. The Club coordinator controls the Club’s activity between breaks in the general meetings.
4.6. The executive body of the Club is the Administrative office, which is formed by Club coordinator in order to solve current organizational tasks and for operational management of Club’s activities. It acts on behalf of the Club and represents its interests. The Club Coordinator reports about its activities at the General Meetings.

5.1. The termination of the Club’s activities may be done by reorganization (merger, joining, splitting, selection and transformation) or liquidation.
5.2.The reorganization or liquidation of the Club is carried out in accordance with decision of the General meetings of Club’s members.