PJSC ArcelorMittal Kryvyi Rih summarized performance of its environmental program in 2017. In comparison to last year, the environmental investments were increased twice – from 472 to 887,5 MUAH. The Company took actions to reduce environmental footprint in compliance with environmental programs of Kryvyi Rih and Dnipropetrovsk region.

Repair of twin-hearth furnace No.6 (THF No.6) at Open-Hearth Furnace Shop had the biggest environmental effect. The furnace was switched from overflow to direct-flow mode to reduce environmental footprint. It helped to reduce emissions more than twice – from 9,5 to 4,1 KT (producing 1,2 MT of steel).

New coke-oven battery No.6 was put into operation this year. The cutting-edge BREF-technologies were implemented here to reduce gas and dust emissions at all stages of coke production – from blend charge, coking (doors and stand-pipe lids with special seals were assembled) to dust free output of raw materials. New gas cleaning units were installed at all stages of coke transportation and discharge.

The construction of one more coke-oven battery (No.5), with similar technologies, was successfully completed. It is being heated up now and the commissioning is expected by March or April of the coming year. The Company will manage to reduce dust emissions of two new batteries and reach the level below specified state regulations – not more than 50 mg per cubic meter.

Also, the Company reconstructed block No.2 at BOF Shop this year. Three new modern units produced in Germany were installed to clean waste gases from three BOFs – No.4, 5 and 6. CO combustion system was installed at flare stack, as well as automated system of dust emissions tracking. Having dust meters installed, the data can be displayed on screen and tracked online. Expected effect – emissions reduction by 2 700 tons a year.

The сompany developed one more major environmental project – modernization of Sinter Shop No.2 operating six sinter strands. Previously, new gas-cleaning plants were installed at sinter strand No.6. This year, the works were started at strand No.5. The сompany intends to modernize the whole Sinter production complex in the nearest future.

Besides reduction of environmental footprint, PJSC ArcelorMittal Kryvyi Rih is aiming to efficiently use water resources and reduce the amount of waste water discharge. For example, waste water from by-pass channel is now reused to lay the dust at dry tailings areas. As a result, the amount of its discharge into the Ingulets river was decreased by 2 M m3. And these discharges were completely stopped between mid-May and November. Moreover, in 2017, the сompany completed construction of the first phase of new tailing pond „Tsentralnoye” – special hydrotechnical structure for storage of benefication tailings. The new facility was built in compliance with special regulations of international and state standards – using modern technologies, certified equipment and materials, which exclude environmental footprint at respective areas. The works on expansion of storage capacity are being performed at other operating tailing ponds

„Mirolyubovskoye” and „Obyedinennoye” and will be maintained next year as well.

The сompany keeps implementing „green” technologies, which reduce the use of traditional energy sources. Natural gas is partly replaced with biofuel (sunflower seeds’ husk) at Lime and Refractory Shop. Due to that fact, the Company managed to reduce gas consumption at rotary kilns No.4 and 5 by 64,2%. This innovative technology will be implemented at all five kilns. Biofuel feed station construction and assembly works have already been performed at rotary kiln No.3.

Another good news of 2017 is reduced amount of stored granulated slag at BF-9. In ten months of this year, the sales increased by 47% in comparison to last year. Construction of platform truck weighbridge helped to increase the sales of this kind of residues. Moreover, the Company managed to reduce environmental footprint.

Sergey Khomchenko, Acting Director of Environment Protection Department, PJSC ArcelorMittal Kryvyi Rih:

– 2017 became the year of great challenges and new level of environmental activity. It considers work on systematic achievement of environmental standards, as well as open interaction with the public. Our Company, Ukrainian mining and steelmaking giant, is aware of environmental responsibilities. We keep implementing major investment program at our Company to reduce the footprint. Every big investment project includes the range of effective environmental measures considering the best available technologies. They will enable us to reduce environmental footprint in the region notably.


Source: www.ukraine.arcelormittal.com

PJSC ArcelorMittal Kryvyi Rih Increases Environmental Investments