The Green Economy Programme continues to support the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade with the elaboration of a new Industrial Development Strategy and Action Plan for Ukraine. The Strategy is to be elaborated and finalised during 4 customised Expert Group Meetings (EGM). The first and second EGM were held in September and October respectively, and the 3rd meeting – by the end of November – beginning December 2017.

The meeting was split into two specific parts. The first was dedicated to industrial policy (IP) instruments, where one of the main tasks for the experts was to define, present and discuss the IP instruments available in Ukraine. As a result, the long-list of potential instruments suitable for the Industrial Strategy and Action Plan were compiled.

The second part was related to the meetings of the Core Drafting Group (CDG), aiming at revising all the sections previously drafted by the CDG. During these meetings the experts reviewed and discussed the sections 1-3 of the draft Strategy, integrated the outcomes of the 3rd EGM and placed greater focus on the institutional considerations for the process of implementation of the Industrial Strategy.

The relevant outcomes and key conclusions of the 3rd EGM were summarised and serve as an integral part of the elaboration process of the strategic document for Ukraine.



3rd Expert Group Meeting on Elaboration of the National Industrial Development Strategy